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Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

  1. Draco the Dragon

    Dungeons and Dragons. Game of Thrones. How to Train your Dragon, Harry Potter...

    It seems we've got a longstanding fascination with these fire-breathing flyers - and now you can take have one of your very own at home or in an out-there office or cool commercial setting.

    Why? Well...why not. That's about the only reason we've got. Because it's epic. Because it's playful. Because it's unexpected. Because it's.....awesome.

    Whether you keep him in the garage, in a man cave or rumpus room or use him in a hotel lobby, restaurant or bold business, Draco demands attention. So give it to him. 


  1. Lionel the Lion King

    They don't call him the King of the Jungle for nothing. Majestic, magnificent, masculine...Lionel's the lot and he's looking hot. Picture him warming himself by the fire, making a fierce first impression in your entry way or hanging in the kids' room ready to play. Go know you want one.  


  1. Houdini the Siberian Husky

    Allergic to four-legged friends? Can't be bothered to train them? Not a fan of scooping poop? Never fear, Houdini is here. He's a Siberian stunner with no maintenance, no shedding, no walking, no barking....need we say more? Just let him chilll on your floor. 

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Winter is Coming

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Product Story

Winter is coming! We’ve used our game of thrones obsession as interiors inspo for the coming winter...