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The Matt Blatt Story (read on, it’s a goodie)

Once upon a time, many moons ago, a loved-up young couple – let’s call them Mr and Mrs Blatt – opened a small furniture showroom in Marrickville. Soon afterwards, Mr Blatt came across a new phenomenon called ‘the internet’ and got so excited he nearly fell off his (super stylish) chair. Almost overnight, the Blatts began peddling their wares online…and the family-owned fairytale has been growing ever since…

Meet modern-day Matt

At MB, we’d rather die than be dull (ok not quite, but near enough) and we favour the fresh and fabulous over formulaic and functional every time. We’re collectors, curators and risk-takers.

We’re not in the furniture business, we’re in the entertainment business. Our stores don’t just show off our products, they bring them to life. We’re Australia’s go-to destination for discerning design fans, DIY decorators and lovers of hand-picked original pieces and premium replica icons.

We surround ourselves with the things we love – so we’re stacked to the rafters with inspirational, irreverent, iconic and unconventional furniture, lighting, homewares and accessories for your browsing, and buying pleasure.

Our approach is innovative, hands-on and eclectic and we’re fanatical about superior service and stellar quality. We’ll jump through hoops (just ask us) to help you find (and fall in love with) that piece that’ll set your world on fire. After all….a stylish space is a happy place.

Quality makes our world go around

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, until it comes to quality. And then things get super serious, super fast. After 30 years in the furniture trade we’ve developed an eagle eye and exacting standards and we’re ultra-selective about the timber, fabric, materials and finishes of every product we add to our collection. Put simply, we only sell the best.

But how does the story end?

Pretty well, actually. Mr and Mrs Blatt are living their happy ending, still roaming the globe unearthing fresh design talent to share with their Matt Blatt family back home….which includes you. Long may the fairytale continue.