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Replica Barstools, Replica Furniture, Xavier Pauchard

Renowned French designer Xavier Pauchard’s industrial-inspired Tolix chairs and stools are found in chic cafes the world over – and so are our premium replicas, which are faithful to the original design specifications and manufactured using the highest-quality materials.

From the readily recognisable Replica Xavier Pauchard Tolix Chair to its stylish siblings, the Replica Xavier Pauchard Tolix Stool and Armchairs, our colourful, commercial-grade Replica Xavier Pauchard collection looks modern and modish in any handsome home.
The original designer - Who is Xavier Pauchard ?
Born in 1880 in Burgundy, France, Xavier Pauchard was a zinc roofer before making the life-changing discovery that dipping sheet metal into molten zinc protected against rust – opening up a whole new world of possibilities. Within a decade Pauchard was manufacturing steel household goods, with his 1956 stackable chair probably the most famous of them all, earning a place in New York’s Museum of Modern Art.