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Chairs, United Strangers, Arne Jacobsen

Exclusively available in Australia through Matt Blatt, the United Strangers’ collection, crafted by an award-winning team of artisans and designers, centres on original, sustainable furniture and homewares inspired by salvaged and repurposed materials - ensuring every piece tells its own story.
The original designer - Who is Arne Jacobsen?
Born in Copenhagen in 1902, Arne Jacobsen studied at the Copenhagen Academy of Arts. His career includes building, interior and furniture design, with highlights such as designing Copenhagen’s first skyscraper, St Catherine’s College at Oxford University, and the Aarhus City Hall.

This is the man who went on to design the world’s most widely sold chair, the Series 7 chair, as well as the Egg Chair and Swan Chair which he designed for the reception areas of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.