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Bohemian meets The Big Easy – steal New Orleans style

Day of the Dead Male Wall Hook

What do you get when you blend Southern drama with French formality, comfort furniture (and food) with gorgeous greenery and floral flair? An unexpected interior that’s both quirky and quintessentially New Orleans…inimitable, irresistible and always in style.

A marvellous melting pot of influences ranging from Spanish to African, French to low-country, the secret behind the battered boho appeal of New Orleans is its love affair with colour, gilted glory, offbeat (and often religious-inspired) artefacts, glam chandeliers and detailed metalwork, all combined to exude a faded opulence and lived-in look with plenty of scope for telling your own story.

On the walls

Wallpaper is a terrific tool to help achieve the Louisiana look, with art another critical element in curating every available service. Aim for gold or brass-framed prints arranged gallery-style (but don’t be too exacting) for a decorative touch that looks flung (rather than hung) together, but somehow just right.

Where to start?

Just pick a few favourite faded colours, a couple of eclectic items of furniture – a velvet chesterfield and metallic coffee or side tables are a great jumping off point – and your own one-off finds and aim to strike a chord of mismatched harmony. Add in patterned rugs and cushions and throws to layer texture and tone….and you’ll be well on the way to building an interior made for mardi gras, music and multiculturalism.

Still not sure?

That’s why we’re here. Check out our inspo gallery below….