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Nothing says ordinary like an empty wall, and nothing says extraordinary like transforming it from drab to fab.

Dandy Deer framed print

From a salon-style arrangement of prints, photos or paintings (or all three) to wall-mounted plates, shelves, macramé hangings, wallpaper and resin animals, the options to tart up a dull wall and build a mag-worthy montage are seemingly endless…


Grid or salon-style prints, paintings and pics

Whether you opt for a symmetrical square or rectangular arrangement of framed pieces (grid style) or an artful combo of different sized prints hung around a key piece for a more eclectic look (salon or gallery style), filling a wall with fab artworks is an affordable way to mimic the impact of a single collector’s piece.


Rugs alive

Bring walls to life with a vertically hung rug, tapestry or macramé feature to add life and layers to any blank space – it’s also a terrific way to add texture and warmth to any wintry room. Experiment with curtain rods and clips to make it work.

Map my wall

Vintage maps are treasures often found in flea markets, or grandparents’ attics, and they make for intriguing wall decoration. Can’t find a vintage version? Why not have regular maps framed, or pull relevant pages from an Atlas and tack up with washi tape for an irreverent and easily changeable arrangement.

Bountiful books

Whether you opt for built-in bookshelves, floating long or shaped shelves or a moveable bookshelf design, there’s nothing more versatile when it comes to decorating than books. Stack them horizontally, line them up vertically or mix them with treasured objects aplenty for an easily changeable display you can alter virtually every day.

The Versailles effect

Forget prints and paintings, why not go glam and mimic the heavenly Hall of Mirrors at the Parisian Palace of Versailles. Ok so not quite, but a gallery-style collection of mirrors not only does the job of an artwork wall, it also has the benefit of bouncing light around the room – making it appear lighter, and larger….so everyone’s a winner.

Out-of-the-frame thinking

Go beyond the norm and fill your wall with hanging plates, animals, letters or lightboxes – just use your imagination, grab your toolkit, and go.



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