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Loving right now…..levitating lights

Is it a bird…is it a plane….is it Superman (no, we wish) but it’s equally as cool. Meet US brand Flyte and their luminous levitating lights….

The brainchild (and lifelong passion) of New York native Simon Morris, crowdfunded label Flyte (merging fly, light and the Swedish word for flow) combines the magic of magnetic levitation with wireless power to create gravity-defying lights which are unconventional, ultra-cool and the ultimate dinner-party conversation full Rings 2017 movie

But how does it work?

Through a delicate balancing act between magnetic levitation and resonant inductive coupling (commonly known as wireless power transfer) apparently, with levitation achieved ‘between the base and the bulb through electromagnetics and a microprocessor stabilising the magnetic field’. Seems Morris has come a long way from his original flight of fancy designing prototypes for hoverboards.

The inspo for Flyte?

For Morris, it’s all about freedom and the childhood dream of flying, with the suspended lightbulb free from the constraints of conventional wires and gravity. In fact, Flyte’s motto is simply: ‘set the light bulb free’.

The team behind the light

Simon Morris left his native New York for Sweden to pursue his passions for design, technology and nature, and began prototyping Flyte in 2010.

Today, the Flyte team comprises creatives, engineers, designers and artists who all came together in Sweden and are striving to create ‘intelligent and inspiring products with the absolute WOW factor’ which combine vintage design with cutting-edge techniques.

The Flyte levitating light is just one of a raft of products in the pipeline.

Techno talk

Flyte uses energy efficient LED globes rated to last for 22 years with six hours’ daily usage, together with a finish crafted from sustainable wood. It is only suitable for indoor use and uses the following AC adapter: Input 100-240V – 50/60Hz; Output 15V 1A

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