Shop In Store Now With Interest Free

What is interest free?

The smarter way to pay for things you really want today. Manage your payments over time, without paying any interest during the 12 months interest free period.
    • Apply online and get a response in 60 seconds
    • Start shopping straight away
    • Pay no interest during the promotional period

    Fees and charges

    $0 Interest
    Pay off your purchase before the end of the 12 month promotional period and pay $0 interest.

    Annual fee
    Gem Visa incurs a $99 annual fee at the time of you first purchase, and on the anniversary of that first purchase ever year afterwards.

    Any of these four cards can be used to make Interest Free purchases

    If you don't already have a card yet, you can apply for a Gem Visa online which will allow you to start interest free shopping today.

    Already have an eligible card? Shop in store today.
    Present your card or account number and driver's licence in store.

    *Conditions: Minimum Spend $1000 and over. Available on purchases from Matt Blatt excluding sale items. Monthly payments must be made during the interest free period. Interest and payments are payable after the interest free period expires. Paying only the minimum monthly payment will not pay out the purchase before the end of the interest free period. A $99 annual fee for Gem Visa applies. At the end of the plan, interest will be charged at 24.99%. This notice is given under the Gem Visa Conditions of Use (as applicable), which specify all other conditions for this offer. Also available to GE CreditLine, GO MasterCard and Buyer’s Edge customers. Other conditions, fees and charges payable, see relevant product websites for details. Credit is provided by Latitude Financial (ABN 42 008 583 588), Australian Credit Licence number 392145.