About Us


Once upon a time, and many moons ago (15 years to be exact), a young husband and wife – let’s call them Mr and Mrs Blatt – opened a small furniture store in the heart of Marrickville, Sydney.

Back then, a new invention called the internet got Mr Blatt so excited he nearly fell of his chair (and what a stylish chair it was too). Before long, Mr and Mrs Blatt were selling a whole range of stylish chairs and other bits and pieces online, before selling online was even a thing.

Fast-forward 15 years and Matt Blatt is still an Australian family owned and run business, but now the family has grown to over 150 design-obsessed renegades. With eight showrooms spread across the country and more to come as well as a bustling online presence, Matt Blatt is Australia’s go-to destination for exciting inspirational, iconic and unconventional furniture, lighting and homewares.

These days Mr and Mrs Blatt are still busy adventuring across the globe to unearth the bright, the new and fantastic to add to their handpicked range of furniture, lighting and accessories. With a love for iconic pieces of the 20th century and a passion for discovering fresh design talent, Mr and Mrs Blatt’s showrooms will continue to be packed to bursting with design goodness for you to explore.

Happy Shopping

We’re not in the furniture business, we’re in the entertainment business. We truly believe that furniture and homewares shopping should be fun. When you step into a Matt Blatt showroom we’ll do our utmost to excite, surprise and delight you. We’ll go to the ends of the earth to help you select that special piece that makes your space pop. We want you to be happy, providing customer assistance that is second to none. Our policies and high level of service are at the centre of our business, with our friendly team ensuring a rewarding experience every time you shop with us.

We're ahead of the style curve

When we started out we set the standard for high quality reproductions of classic pieces that people couldn’t find anywhere else. These days we’re on a mission to pack our stores full of fresh, original design talent, working closely with established and emerging designers from Australia and all over the world to bring our customers the cream of the crop in contemporary designer furniture, lighting and accessories.

Huge range of styles, fabrics and colours

Our impressive and extensive range means there’s something to suit every décor, whether you’re after a piece for your home, workplace or business, or a quirky gift for that hard-to-buy-for friend, we’ve got the goods. We’re committed to helping our customers create spaces that are an extension of their personalities; fun places in which they feel at ease to live, work and play.

We know our stuff

We don’t take ourselves too seriously but quality is one thing we are serious about. After 30 years in the furniture and homewares industry, we’ve developed a keen eye for quality products and designs. Each beautifully crafted design is carefully selected and tested to meet our standards before we add it to our treasure trove. Whether it’s one of our iconic mid-century style pieces or an original contemporary design, we only sell the best. Our team are extremely hands-on, with a thorough quality control system that ensures all our products meet our high standards.

We know our stuff

We’re avid supporters of various charities including Giant Steps, Teddy Love Club, Westmead Children’s Hospital, The Cerebral Palsy Alliance and more. As an Australian family-owned and operate business we understand the importance of providing aid for those in need and are always on the lookout for ways we can benefit our community.

Our Massive 14,000m2 Warehouse Chocablock With Goodies